Wallpapering Tools

Hanging wallpaper is now simpler than ever, especially with the new ranges of 'So Ezy' Paste the Wall wallpapers. The job is even easier when you have the right tools. Guthrie Bowron has been supplying wallpaper to New Zealanders for decades, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge. Come in and see us for anything from a knife to a plumb bob, as well as great service and advice.

Size & Paste

Sizing the wall is key to hanging wallpaper successfully, as well as removing it easily when the time comes. We’ll always have the right paste for the paper you’ve chosen, unless it’s one of our ranges of wallpapers which don’t need any paste at all!

Brushes & Rollers

At Guthrie Bowron you’ll find the perfect brush or roller for the job. From synthetic to natural fibre, budget to professional, we have the right one for you. We stock quality products from leading brands like Haydn, PAL, Wooster & Rotacota. There’s also a range of brushes exclusive to Guthrie Bowron.

Sanding & Scraping

Preparation is the most important part of all decorating, and this usually involves sanding and scraping. Whether it’s sandpaper in sheets or rolls that you’re after, or a tool to scrape off the most stubborn paint, we’ve got what you need. 

Sealants & Fillers

If there’s a gap, a dent, or a hole - it’s got to be fixed before you decorate. You may need a solid filler or a flexible one that copes with movement. We’ll help you find the right product from our extensive range from brands like Selleys and Polyfilla.